Medford Oregon FREE Socialization Sessions For Your Puppy

Medford Oregon Blind and Deaf Puppy

So many of us have pets and they mean the world to us. We’ll do just about anything for our fur-family so it’s always a bonus when something so important such as puppy socialization is offered locally, for FREE. 

Many trainers and dog experts believe it’s critical for puppies to be socialized when they’re young so they develop a range of confidence. Socialization teaches puppies how to react appropriately to people, dogs and other stimuli. 

Petco in Medford, Oregon offers free puppy socialization on Saturdays and Sundays. Call the store for details. We have joined in on a few sessions and they’ve been well-managed and well-supervised.  

Way to go PETCO! For this service, we give you a Thumbs-Up Rating! 

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